The Sad State of Our Kitchen

When I started this blog, I swore to myself that I would write a post every week. Well, as you can probably see from my lack of a post last week… That plan failed er, isn’t working out. And in case you were wondering why…

Cringe if you must. This is the current state of our kitchen. In fact, our whole home pretty much looks like this. Allow me to explain: we’ve been renovating our entire apartment for months, and have just now moved back in after staying in various homes since last summer. Because of this, baking has not been able to be my top priority. BUT it will be soon! Especially with all the gorgeous brand new kitchen appliances we have now.


You have no idea how happy this beautiful six burner stove made me.


The same goes for our huge fridge. P.S., those drawers to the right are freezers!

Now back to the subject of baking: In celebration of Passover (and the fact that I am currently in a house with a fully functioning kitchen due to said holiday), I whipped up three baked treats, all of which use no flour. But I’ll save those recipes for later entries, and leave you for now with some mouthwatering sneak-peeks.


From left: Carrot Cups, Chocolate Torte, and Chocolate Chip Mandel-bread Which one would you like to see first?

Happy nibbling, or, um, renovating!

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