Cakes and Muffins/ Holidays

Caramelized Apple Basbousa

Well, it’s been a while. After rereading my last post, I’ve been thinking a lot about what’s changed since then (and what hasn’t). The last time I updated this site was March (oof), a time when so many things in my life were ending and beginning all at once, when all I wanted was to stop the clock so I could remain in my second semester senior year bliss forever.…

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Cookies/ Pies, Tarts and Crumbles

Brûléed Brown Butter Grapefruit Bars

4 years. 4 years ago today a 13-year-old me made a batch of snickerdoodles and a WordPress account and hit “publish” on her first ever blog post. Now, this website that started as a way for me to funnel all of my free time and baked goods into something productive has evolved into what can only be described as an integral part of my life–however clichéd that sounds. Because of…

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Holidays/ Pies, Tarts and Crumbles

Apple Rosemary Galette with Cinnamon Whipped Cream

Hello friends! I can’t tell you how happy I am that I finally have the time to sit down and write this post. Because I really do love the writing aspect of this blog–it makes me reflect on the ways in which I’ve been spending my time, almost like a journal–but it’s been difficult for me to set aside the time to write these past few weeks. The days have…

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Almond Cardamom Thumbprint Cookies

1) This post is dedicated to my dad, who toiled away at this video with me for the better part of the day on Saturday. Believe it or not, I shot the frames for this video in June but was met with many a Photoshop obstacle (considering the fact that I was trying to edit 450 photos into one stop-motion video, I should have seen this coming). 2) Not to make that…

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Chocolate/ Cookies

Fresh Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies

  Sitting here at our summer house in 75 degree weather, it’s hard to believe that the transition from summer to school is well under way. And though I’m about to go back to the city for my third week, things still do feel, well, transitional. These past three months have been so exciting, so rewarding and overwhelming, the seemingly constant switching of mindsets–from school to camp and back again–making…

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Breads/ Breakfast/ Cakes and Muffins/ Snacks

My Favorite Banana Bread

Helloo from the Berkshires, friends! I've been here for over three weeks doing loads of camp counselor-y stuff (I'm now responsible for 9 other humans? Whaat?) and staying up late eating way too many slightly stale snacks. I'm loving my time here–the girls I'm on staff with have been some of my best friends for years and years, and I'm so happy to have the chance to spend the summer…

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Cakes and Muffins/ Chocolate

Chocolate Marzipan Cake

Ahh you guys! Crumbs and Nibbles is officially… 3! 3 years ago today a 13-year-old me decided to concentrate my obsession with baking in the form of a blog. I knew next to nothing back then (i.e. my photography process was pretty much point, shoot, and post), but immediately I found real joy in each step of the blogging process. My first post ever was called “A Weekend of Baking: Snickerdoodles.”…

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